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Transform how you look and feel with our beautiful real and real-like ready-to- wear hair.

Our Story

The simple act of trying on a pink wig changed my life. In that moment I not only changed how I looked, I transformed how I felt. I felt beautiful, bold and fun and I loved it. I believe that every woman deserves to feel this way. That’s what Woman In Disguise is about. It’s about giving ourselves permission to play, explore and create. It’s about rediscovering that we are beautiful, bold and fun and embracing it.

I was quickly disenchanted by the experience of finding the right wigs for me. In my quest to find styles that let me mix it up, spice it up and feel amazing I was faced with undesirable options and poor quality. I felt exposed in the retail setting of wig stores and I don’t know which was worse, the scary mannequin heads or the bad lighting. What I do know is that you deserve a totally different experience. We create an experience that is about you. Whether it’s our styling consultations, private studio, beautiful selection, or personalizing your wig to make it your perfect hair, we do it differently. This is about you feeling beautiful, bold and fun. The experience needs to be as special as you are. And believe me, this is not your grandma’s wig!

Lee Woodward
Transformation Maven

The WIG OUT! Party Box

Sometimes us girls just need to let loose. And there is no better way to do that than a Woman In Disguise WIG OUT! party. We offer a fun-filled, do it yourself Wig Out! Party Box or we are happy to host your party. Either way, we do the work and you have the FUN.

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