How to Buy Wigs?

We make it simple to find and buy your beautiful ready to wear hair. We pick the top styles available in gorgeous colors. Our product videos give you an up close and personal look at the style, color options and cap construction so you know exactly what you’re getting. If you see a style on our site that is not in our store please email us at support@womanindisguise.com and we will accommodate custom orders. Click here to visit our store

How to Rent Wigs?

Coming soon!

How to Book An Appointment?

Helping you look and feel beautiful is what gets us excited. Our unique transformation system ensures that your one-on-one style consultation is all about you. Our simple and interactive tools allow you to explore and share your styles desires before you even step foot in our beautiful studio. In your personalized one-hour style session we will find the right style, color, and transformation for you. Click here to schedule your appointment

How to Buy A Wig Out Party Box?

A Wig Out Party Box is a great way to have a night of transformation and fun. Each Party Box has eight beautiful wigs in 8 styles and colors and other fun surprises to make sure your party is one to remember. Our hostess tip cards and videos make sure you will be the hostess with the mostest. With it delivered directly to your house it’s a cinch to Wig Out! Click here to see more about our Wig Out Party Box.

How to Have a Wig Out Event

Please send your wig out event request to support@womanindisguise.com.

The WIG OUT! Party Box

Sometimes us girls just need to let loose. And there is no better way to do that than a Woman In Disguise WIG OUT! party. We offer a fun-filled, do it yourself Wig Out! Party Box or we are happy to host your party. Either way, we do the work and you have the FUN.

Gift Box

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