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Lee Woman In Diguise

Lee Woodward

Owner and Transformation Maven

My life changed from the whimsical act of trying on a pink wig. I got much more than I expected out of that experience.  It was fun and exciting. What I remember most is feeling beautiful and bold as I sashayed around in my new pink ‘do. It surprised me how I felt both transformed and completely myself at the same time.

That night I realized I needed to feel beautiful, bold and fun to live the life I want. It’s fair to say ​I became obsessed with wigs that night and I became absolutely passionate about helping women feel beautiful, bold and fun. My pink wig experience set me on the journey to leave a successful corporate career and start Woman In Disguise. I have never looked back and I have never felt so good.

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Scotty Williamson

WigOut Expert

Attending the prestigious Sassoon Academy in San Francisco provided me the opportunity to learn from the best and understand the impact I could have on my clients lives. I adore styling hair, but what I really love is helping a woman look and feel her best. I love her smile and extra glow of confidence when she gets up from my chair. I am also an adventurer and love to explore new techniques and approaches, which is exactly how I became a WigOut Expert.

Years of work in the movies, theater and print media provided me a unique opportunity to learn how to cut, style, and care for wigs. I love working with wigs not only because it allows me to offer new styles and colors to clients, but they give a woman an opportunity to play and have fun with her look. I get incredible satisfaction from personalizing a client’s wig so it is her own perfect hair.

The WIG OUT! Party Box

Sometimes us girls just need to let loose. And there is no better way to do that than a Woman In Disguise WIG OUT! party. We offer a fun-filled, do it yourself Wig Out! Party Box or we are happy to host your party. Either way, we do the work and you have the FUN.

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